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Giantess Amy - SonAmy by Mennomoog Giantess Amy - SonAmy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 14 10 Gaintess Amy - ShadAmy by Mennomoog Gaintess Amy - ShadAmy :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 10 1 Amy International Women's Day by Mennomoog Amy International Women's Day :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 4 7
Mature content
Amy's Love Potion :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 12 3
(Son)Amy on the Beach by Mennomoog (Son)Amy on the Beach :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 4 8 Amy Rose apartment by Mennomoog Amy Rose apartment :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 0 0 Amy Rose in apartment - deleted scene Sonic X ep50 by Mennomoog Amy Rose in apartment - deleted scene Sonic X ep50 :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 5 2 Amy Rose - deleted scene Sonic X episode 50 by Mennomoog Amy Rose - deleted scene Sonic X episode 50 :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 1 2 Amy Rose sad - deleted scene Sonic X episode 50 by Mennomoog Amy Rose sad - deleted scene Sonic X episode 50 :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 1 0
Amy Rose Grows, Part 2: Chaos Attacks
Amy Rose Grows (part 2: Chaos attacks)
Sonic knew he didn’t have much time. He raced inside the building and took the staircase to get to the rooftop of the 35-story building. It took him exactly 6.57 seconds to race up the stairs. Once he reached the top he kicked open the door leading to the roof. He looked around... nobody in sight. He started to walk slowly, watching his back carefully. He made his way to one of the edges of the rooftop.
The view over Station Square was amazing. The sun was setting at the horizon, making the whole sky fill with a dark, golden glow. After taking a moment looking over the city, Sonic looked behind him. He saw a table with two chairs, all set. The white tablecloth looked nice, with glasses, plates and candles on top of it. Sonic took a seat on one of the chairs.
Not long after he sat, he heard deep, earthquake-like sounds in the distance. *BOOM*... *BOOM*...
The glasses, forks and knives on the table started to vibrate, and the whole building st
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 3 0
Video clip teaser 2 - Amy blue night by Mennomoog Video clip teaser 2 - Amy blue night :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 0 0 Video clip teaser - Amy blue night by Mennomoog Video clip teaser - Amy blue night :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 3 0 Taking a tea break by Mennomoog Taking a tea break :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 11 1 Amy walking and growing by Mennomoog Amy walking and growing :iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 10 8
Amy Rose Grows (2 of 2)
Somewhere in a dark alley, three big men were about to assault a young woman. The guys are muscular, big and mean looking. The young woman, petite and fragile, doesn't stand a chance. She’s frightened and fearing for her life. 'C'mon, give us the bag and we promise we won't hurt ya!' says one of the thugs.
'L-leave me alone!'. The young woman trembles as she is being pushed against the wall.
'Hey Otto, I think I will have some fun with her while we're at it. Grab her by her hair and you hold her legs Rick!'
Two of the thugs grab the helpless girl, while the third (the leader) starts touching the girl. The girl screams as loud as she can but no one seems to hear her, as most of the citizens have fled their houses, having heard the news of the giant Mech attacking the other side of the city.
They are interrupted by a deep, rumbling sound.
The ground and the buildings around them are trembling. 'Hey, what the...' one of the thugs yells.
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 5 0
Amy Rose Grows (1 of 2)
Thanks to Twilight Prince and Link for some inspiration of their stories.
Sonic and his friends rush over to the spot where Eggman is terrorizing Station Square. They stop at the sidewalk of one of Station Square’s busy streets, while they look at the Egg Carrier flying above the city. Thousands of people are panicking and running past them. Sonic turns towards his friends.
‘Guys, stay over here. I’ll make egg scramble of that ship.’
‘I’m going too!’ Amy responds.
‘No way Amy! You’re gonna get yourself hurt! Stay here with the others.’ Sonic sounded serious.
‘What?' Amy responded annoyed. 'Are you kidding me? Remember that time I saved you from that giant octopus robot and when I tore that Serpenter apart at Emerald beach?’
Sonic shrugs his shoulders and ignores her. He gives the two emeralds to Tails.
‘Hold on to those emeralds so Eggman doesn’t get them.'
Tails nods. ‘I’ll put them
:iconmennomoog:Mennomoog 8 1


Amyz by Haruka-15 Amyz :iconharuka-15:Haruka-15 89 11 TIME UP by Pikative TIME UP :iconpikative:Pikative 5 6 Amy's New Style by XSuperiX Amy's New Style :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 294 20 Commission - Amy and Jeans by XSuperiX
Mature content
Commission - Amy and Jeans :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 223 8
Commission - Amelia (Ironwolf85) by XSuperiX Commission - Amelia (Ironwolf85) :iconxsuperix:XSuperiX 390 51 This Rose is ripe... by xXTheOneGuyXx This Rose is ripe... :iconxxtheoneguyxx:xXTheOneGuyXx 139 20 Son Of A Bitch Its Amy Rose by krocialblack Son Of A Bitch Its Amy Rose :iconkrocialblack:krocialblack 97 41 Nanotech Solution #73 AmyRose by Norithics Colore by Friez-ColoringLorde
Mature content
Nanotech Solution #73 AmyRose by Norithics Colore :iconfriez-coloringlorde:Friez-ColoringLorde 91 0
She is Legal by krocialblack She is Legal :iconkrocialblack:krocialblack 129 24 SonAmy page 2 by Nova-V SonAmy page 2 :iconnova-v:Nova-V 126 17 a summer nap .:collab:. by RezFrosting a summer nap .:collab:. :iconrezfrosting:RezFrosting 145 10 Smooches by BlondeSpirit Smooches :iconblondespirit:BlondeSpirit 90 13 Amy looks so nice by sonamy94fan Amy looks so nice :iconsonamy94fan:sonamy94fan 143 18 We know Sonic loves Amy :D by sonamy94fan We know Sonic loves Amy :D :iconsonamy94fan:sonamy94fan 204 35 Surprise Kiss by sonamy94fan Surprise Kiss :iconsonamy94fan:sonamy94fan 201 22 Thanks for save me Sonikku by sonamy94fan Thanks for save me Sonikku :iconsonamy94fan:sonamy94fan 262 18
Warning: some favourites I love contain mature content.


Giantess Amy - SonAmy
So I decided to make a SonAmy version as well, the original is here
I made the lighting a bit softer.

Amy found all seven Chaos Emeralds in Station Square and unleashed a power that made her grow to a giantess. She immediately went to Sonic to show her new appearance. :D (Big Grin)

Amy and Sonic characters © SEGA
Gaintess Amy - ShadAmy
The story behind this: Amy found all seven Chaos Emeralds in Station Square and unleashed a power that made her grow to a giantess. She immediately went to Shadow to show her new appearance. :D

My very first 3D art on DA! Hope you like it; this was a rather quick one and I'm still experimenting with Gmod and lights. I messed up some lighting making Shadow darker than Amy. Come to think of it... Shadow now really stands in the shadows of his giant girlfriend.... get it? :P

I was inspired to make this after the ShadAmy chats I had with BloomPhantom ^^

Amy and Shadow characters © SEGA
Amy kicking butt in her own show! ;) 
Here it finally is! Amy Rose has her own show! Sonic X - Amy edition! She's so bad ass! ;)
I made a compilation of all the bad ass moments of Amy in Sonic X. Check it out:

It's obvious that the people (4Kids) responsible for translating the original Sonic X Japanse version anime to the American dub either hated Amy or didn't like the Sonamy moments. And they changed the show for a 4 year old audience probably, instead of the 12+ it was intended for.

I'M PISSED AT 4KIDS for delivering such crap. All the emotional Sonamy moments are either gone or translated incorrectly! Even Amy's dialogue in the American dub doesn't serve her right and is changed in such a manner that she sounds dull instead of the strong girl she is.

Even plot changes are cut out. For example, Amy was living in her own apartment in Episode 27. That came all of a sudden in the American dub, because they had changed her dialogue in Episode 19, where she clearly explained to Chris that she wanted her own apartment in Station Square.

Right now I'm viewing the Japanese version and I can tell you, it's 100000x better in terms of story, dialogue, music, and sound effects.
I think it's a shame, because the American dub has great voice actors (with the exception of the annoying voice of Bokkun). I'm thinking of rewriting the whole thing for the American dub and have it dubbed all over again (I used to work for dubbing companies). Unfortunately I'm not in the position to get it funded or getting the rights from SEGA (this sort of thing has large budgets attached to it). Meanwhile we have to enjoy the Japanse dub, although I hope Discotek soon comes with a proper Japanese version on DVD / Blu-ray.

I'm posting the missing Sonamy moments on my YouTube channel. Check it out:…


Just your average male from the Netherlands, in love with Amy Rose (yeah I know, it's weird). I like SEGA stuff, synthesizer music (70's and 80's stuff), collecting records and cd's and video games. Favourite movies include Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Oddysey and Manhunter. And of course Sonic X ;)


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